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The Institute for Economic Growth & Legal Reform (IGROW), an international economic and legal Public Private Partnerships (PPP) training, coaching and consulting firm, invites you to attend its on-line and face-to-face Public Private Partnership coaching programs for 2018.


IGROW PPP coaching programs are hands-on, specifically designed to offer policy makers, public - federal, state, regional, city and municipality  - and private PPP officers, contractors, legal, financial and other professionals, the knowledge and skills required in the total PPP process for effectively implementing PPP infrastructure and related projects.


IGROW PPP coaching brings the coach and coached together through state-of-the-art web-based video and audio links to examine, analyze and discuss real life cases and lessons learned, giving you the opportunity to advise, draft, negotiate and close PPP deals and apply that knowledge and skills right from the IGROW coaching program to projects at hand. All this in the convenience of your offices, personal learning space and individual timetables.


  IGROW offers unique PPP transactional knowledge ands kills through tested practical solutions in Public Private Partnership (PPP) structuring including:

· How to design PPP frameworks for national, state or municipal infrastructure service provision and benefit from capital resources, technical capacity and operational efficiencies by partnering with private sector actors.

· How to solicit and select private partners for a long term sustainable relationships in providing specific public infrastructure services.

· How to design special purpose companies that are dedicated to run successful Public Private Partnerships projects.

· How contractors, construction, legal, financial, etc. companies and professionals secure PPP projects and draft sustainable PPP agreements that ensure construction projects are completed and maintained, financial agreements are framed with security packages and long term guarantees, and delivery and project oversight  monitoring are instituted.

· Provides suits of technical assistance and capacity building programs in public financial management linked to improved service provision to enhances growth.





   Our Philosophy

“Economic growth strategies that promote governance, the private sector and small businesses combined with targeted support for poverty alleviation are the keys to economic development.”


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2018 Coaching Programs


August  6 –31, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

PPP for Policy Makers 



August 15—September 7, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

  PPP for Construction Contractors



August 28 - September 28, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

PPP Transaction Coaching Program -

New Paradigms for Sustainable Infrastructure Development



October 1  - 26, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

Drafting & Negotiating PPP Agreements - Skills for Initiating & Sustaining PPP Projects 



October 15 - November 1, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

PPP Coaching for Legal Sector Professionals



November 3  -  December 14, 2018

Public Private Partnerships:

Strategies for Economic Growth -

Policies, Tools and Techniques for Dynamic Economies





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IGROW has corporate offices in Rome Italy and Washington DC; with project offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Chisinau, Moldova.

IGROW has provided training and technical assistance worldwide such as Africa: Egypt, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Asia: China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nepal  Europe: Albania, Croatia, Italy, Moldova, France. Americas: US, Canada, Belize, Trinidad and Tobago.



“IGROW  PPP on-line coaching has empowered me not only to comprehend  complex PPP legal, financial and institutional frameworks, but also enabled me to guide my organization in  PPP transactions to finance PPP projects

As a banker, I have the techniques and skills now and am able to select viable PPP projects define, draft and negotiate financial and security packages for my organization to participate in a PPP project.

IGROW coaches are experienced, and able to provide real life cases to walk me through what works and what not in structuring PPP projects.

In the face to face component of the coaching program I am planning to develop  Bank Policy Guidelines for selecting and participating in a viable PPP projects.

I am grateful to IGROW and highly recommend for anyone planning to enter into a PPP transaction as government officer, banker, contractor, legal advisor or business manager.


Lillian Mbindyo

Governance Company Secretary